We have a couple of updates this week that will hopefully make things a little easier for you to find what you are looking for.


Unfortunately it's not practical for us to completely rebuild the website to fit this, hopefully temporary, glitch to our normal programming. So this does mean that some activities that we normally offer, but are not currently able to, appear on the website. You won't be able to book them, but we appreciate it's a little frustrating.

To help you easily recognise what activities are running and have been made 'COVID SAFE', keep an eye out for the COVID SAFE logo on the activity buttons.

covid safe

Be aware that all activities are proving exceptionally popular at present, so even though they are bookable, they may already be at their capacity.


In line with our review of sailing courses, we have also now been able to increase the capacity of our Discovery Club and Taster activities by one additional place, to a maximum of 6.

These have all been very popular, so check out the options now on the relevant pages of the website

Discovery Club

Taster Experiences


In the last couple weeks, it was necessary for us to remove the option to book in for a half day launch with your own craft. This was due to a range of concerns regarding the safety of equipment being used; the number of people using individual pieces of equipment; and the number of 'family members' hanging around the launch area when we have specifically made it clear that spectating and spending time on site, whilst not doing activities, is not permitted at the current time.

We felt that this was becoming an increasing safety risk for customers and staff.

In order to better control this, and meet the popular demand from regular users looking to launch their own craft for exercise and skills development, we have not introduced a Launch Membership.

Launch Membership will not suit all users, but at this time it is the only option we believe we can safely and effectively offer to address the issues we were experiencing.

Launch Memberships will run from the day you book in to start until the end of September. No alternative, short term options are available at this time.

Longer term, year round membership options will follow in due course.

You can find out more and join HERE. The Launch Membership info can be found on the right hand side of the page.