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Outdoor residential centres for schools provide a welcome break from the formal, fairly regulated school day. Life-long interests in new activities and sports can be forged during residential trips for schools, along with skills in problem-solving, team-working, communication and leadership. Socially, children experience living with and sharing with their peers and learn how to compromise, to listen and to respect others. 

All of these skills, experiences and interests are excellent preparation for the next step in children’s lives – secondary school, higher education or the world of work. Residential trips for schools to South Cerney Outdoor offer invaluable benefits to young people in every age group.

The locations of outdoor residential centres for schools can be as important as the facilities they have to offer. Taking part in activities in an inspirational countryside setting makes the experience all the more pleasurable and memorable for the children and young adults involved.

As one of the most scenic residential activity centres in the Cotswolds, South Cerney Outdoor offers a range of outdoor residential programmes for schools, on a fully catered basis, including:

  • the two-day, one night Explorer package to get a taste of the outdoor experience for everyone.
  • the two-day, two night Discovery package with a range of water and land based taster activities to choose from.
  • the Adventurer package , a progressive learning programme focused on developing children's confidence through communication, team working and problem solving through a carefully selected programme of outdoor challenges.

South Cerney Outdoor will ensure that on our residential trips for schools, the correct balance is struck between providing the right environment for fostering independence and ensuring all children are safe. We can draw upon a coaching team with a vast collective experience and which is expert at designing bespoke programmes for individual schools.

As a highly reputed outdoor residential centre for schools, we work closely with teaching professionals and other stakeholders to offer well-structured activity schedules to meet the specific needs of children and young adults in their care. 


Outdoor residential centres for Schools 

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"Our passion for the outdoors and what it offers together with the high standards of our equipment, coaching and safety systems ensure your time here is fun, safe and challenging. A fantastic experience for both children and teachers alike."

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