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The unique experience of the outdoors is impossible to replicate within the confines of the classroom. Not only that, it can’t be replicated in a computer game, on a tablet or on a smartphone, despite what some children might argue!  Many parents find it difficult to wrestle the devices away from their children.  Outdoor activity centres for secondary schools are the perfect answer to get children off the couch and into the great outdoors where they can try new sports and activities, develop skills in problem-solving, team work, communication and leadership and learn the subtleties of fostering positive relationships with their peers.  

All these newly acquired aptitudes and attitudes can be taken with the children on to the next important stage in their lives, be it further education or the world of work. Residential trips for secondary schools to South Cerney Outdoor can provide excellent opportunities to enhance the range of skills and confidence of students taking part and also to help them to develop a love of the countryside and nature.

Our range of outdoor team building activities have been planned and adapted to suit secondary school children. We have tried to make sure we provide enough of a challenge to get the kids thinking without them finding the tasks too hard and losing interest. We are able to put together a programme to suit your needs and requirements. 

For those beginning their time at secondary school, our new intake induction bonding days for Year 7 students are being held in September 2020. These provide great ways to get to know each other and make friends through exciting activities at South Cerney Outdoor. Enrichment weeks for the Year 7 intake are also taking place in September 2020, with water sports and teamwork challenges to support this essential and imaginative element of the school curriculum.

Research undertaken by Plymouth University revealed “a significant drop in the amount of time spent outside as a child moves from primary to secondary education.”  We believe, therefore, that it is essential that good healthy living habits are encouraged at this critical stage in children’s lives and that outdoor activity school residentials provide an excellent opportunity to do this. Residential trips for secondary schools to South Cerney Outdoor have consistently proved to be popular and rewarding for students taking part.

The Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) Award scheme has been developing the skills and confidence of generations of young people since the 1950s, and South Cerney Outdoor is delighted to be able to offer a wide range of activities for Tears 8 and 9 secondary school students undertaking the D of E Bronze Award programme. The Physical Section of the four elements in the D of E scheme includes a variety of water sports from canoeing to windsurfing and land challenges from archery to orienteering. South Cerney Outdoor is the perfect location for taking on these Bronze Award activities. 

South Cerney Outdoor will ensure that the correct balance is struck between providing the right environment for fostering independence and ensuring all children are safe. We can draw upon a coaching team with over 100 years of collective experience and which is expert at designing bespoke programmes for individual schools.

South Cerney Outdoor can provide secondary school outdoor taster sessions, half-days or full days, individually designed around your particular curriculum or pupil requirements. Alternatively, we can offer residential trips for schools, with a full and varied programme of land and water based activities. Our residential trips for secondary schools offer students many great ways to develop new skills and to make new friends at our glorious location in the Cotswolds.

Also, there are our great parties for secondary school leavers to look forward to at South Cerney Outdoor, with celebrations from May to July 2020 for Year 11 students and June and July 2020 for 6th form leavers in Year 13.

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"Our passion for the outdoors and what it offers together with the high standards of our equipment, coaching and safety systems ensure your time here is fun, safe and challenging. A fantastic experience for both children and teachers alike."

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