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...liberate children's personal development through an accelerated focus on working together, sharing resources, problem solving and managing risk in ways not easily possible in formal school environments. The Real Outdoor Xperience at the Cotswold Water Park is one of the Uk's leading outdoor residential centres for schools and has some of the most exciting options for school visits and team building activities that Gloucestershire has to offer.

Teachers are desperate to inspire their pupils and find new ways to engage and educate them. The challenges of increased class sizes and constant testing can create barriers to reaching a diverse range of individuals and learning styles and have a knock-on effect to the whole group.

So how is it possible to provide individual focus whilst working with a whole group?

We believe the outdoors has the answer... but we're not the only ones...

“Getting children out of the classroom raises ‘standards, motivation, personal development and behaviour’.” - Ofsted

Our expertise as an outdoor activity centre for schools, coupled with our glorious lakeside location, can help teachers achieve these benefits for their students of all ages.

School residentials at South Cerney Outdoor

With 40 years at the forefront of the industry and drawing on the insights of a senior coaching team with a vast collective experience, The Real Outdoor Xperience has created a unique range of syllabus options for school visits and team building activities, together with a development framework that enables individuals to grow in key skills that have tangible benefits both inside and outside the classroom.

Outdoor activity centres for schools are located throughout the UK and offer a range of facilities. Here at ROX we have an exceptional variety of resources and equipment. However, we are also fortunate by being sited in the most beautiful natural setting. 

Situated in Gloucestershire between our 47 acre lake of crystal clear water and the banks of the River Churn, The Real Outdoor Xperience is an ideal and safe location for learning and environmental studies with changing rooms, classrooms and accommodation all on site. The best school  trips, with exciting individual and team building activities that will create lasting memories, can be experienced here.

Our excellent facilities as an outdoor residential centre for schools also enable visiting schoolchildren to enjoy our glorious location by night as well by day.



Bring your key stage 1 and key stage 2 group to us for adventure and outdoor learning. Through themed projects and exploration packages we develop the awe and wonder to be found outside the classroom. We follow through on the ‘Every child matters’ criteria to give a safe yet challenging environment for primary schoolchildren on their existing school trip.

Our residential courses are small and class sized, designed to foster a family atmosphere and provide the right environment for learning about relationships.




Get your students out and active and having fun. Use our knowledge of outdoor learning to give them the experience that will help them through key stages 3 up to key stage 5 and help them to develop their water confidence and ability.

As a highly attractive outdoor residential centre for schools, we offer the ideal environment to let them discover relationships through personal and social encounters while following a prepared and active programme. Our courses for secondary school residentials provides the children with progression, awareness and a nationally recognised qualification.


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"Our passion for the outdoors and what it offers together with the high standards of our equipment, coaching and safety systems ensure your time here is fun, safe and challenging. A fantastic experience for both children and teachers alike."


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