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All year round we offer Learning Outside the Classroom for Primary Schools. The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) describes their exciting initiative as “a tool for teaching and learning which has been proven to raise attainment and achievement, improve behaviour and improve the engagement of all groups of pupils, including those who are hard to engage inside the classroom environment.” 

At South Cerney we will provide children with opportunities to engage in activities such as water sports, bushcraft and learning survival skills, all strongly related to this element in the school curriculum. Residential trips for primary schools offer the chance to enjoy all these activities to the full, spending day and night at our beautiful setting in the Cotswold countryside.

Key stages one and two are a time when formal education still needs to be balanced with opportunities for learning through play and the great outdoors provides primary school children with a chance to engage with the magic of the natural world.  Outdoor activity centres for primary schools like South Cerney Outdoor can provide rich opportunities for primary aged children to develop skills in problem-solving, communication and teamwork and to nurture their creativity and resourcefulness. Being outdoors and participating in new activities on land and water will feed children’s imaginations and widen their horizons. Imagine the vocabulary banks and story ideas for literacy sessions that will flow from these experiences.

South Cerney Outdoor will ensure that the correct balance is struck between providing the right environment for fostering independence and ensuring all children are safe. We can draw upon a coaching team with a vast collective experience and which is expert at designing bespoke programmes for individual schools.

South Cerney Outdoor can provide primary school outdoor taster sessions,  half-days or full days, individually designed around your particular curriculum or pupil requirements. Alternatively, we can offer residential trips for primary schools, with a full and varied programme of land and water based activities. Our residential trips for primary schools give children many opportunities to have fun and to make new friends at our glorious location in the Cotswolds.

There are lots of exciting events for primary schoolchildren to look forward to. For the summer term of 2023 we are holding Enrichment Days, which include team building activities and challenges that are related to these landmark events in the academic calendar. And get ready too for our Year 6 leavers parties in July 2023, celebrating the last year that children will have at their junior schools.

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"Our passion for the outdoors and what it offers together with the high standards of our equipment, coaching and safety systems ensure your time here is fun, safe and challenging. A fantastic experience for both children and teachers alike."

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