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Outdoor Education Lessons Improve Student Engagement

A recent study discovered that nine to 10 year-old children are significantly more attentive and engaged with their schoolwork following an outdoor lesson in nature. Impressively, this “nature effect” allowed teachers to teach uninterrupted for almost twice as long during a subsequent indoor lesson.

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Young people raise more than £500 and spread happiness

18 young people from the South Gloucestershire area recently took part in the National Citizen Service and gained skills for life. The young people spent four days at South Cerney Outdoor, part of the Prospects Group, taking part in activities they had not tried before such as sailing, stand up paddle boarding and wind surfing. With the help of experienced instructors the young people pushed themselves and stepped out of their comfort zones. In the process they developed friendships and learnt skills like teamwork, communication and leadership.

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Children who feel closer to nature do better in exams

New research shows that children who feel a strong connection to nature tend to perform well in key stage 2 Sats

Children who feel connected to nature achieve better results in their key stage 2 tests than those who do not, research has found.

Psychologists from the University of Derby questioned 775 pupils from 15 primary schools. They asked a number of questions, intending to establish how much of a connection the children felt with nature.


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Increasing risk and encouraging being used positively

Teachers across the country are desperate to inspire their pupils and find creative new ways to engage and educate. But the challenges of increased classroom sizes, prescriptive syllabus and constant testing can create barriers to reaching a diverse range of individuals and learning styles that has a knock on effect to the whole class. So how is it possible to provide individual focus whilst working with a whole group? And how can it be that society’s entrenched desire to avoid ‘risk’ and ‘failure’ can be used to achieve where traditional methods fall short?

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