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May 2021 Update

What's new for May and beyond?...

As the country starts to be released back to some sort of normality, we've been able to open up many of our activities.

Here's what's new at SCO...

We're finally allowed out to play!

We've just added new availability for Easter Holiday Courses, Taster Experiences, Discovery Club and Family Discovery Days.
Check out the appropriate sections of the website for more information and to book...

Thank You, Winter Hours, Launch Memberships, Private Lessons, Coffee Shops, New Developments and Apprenticeships

It has been a tough season, but what has made it worthwhile and fulfilling is the people we work with and for.  

New Availability for August & September - 11th August 2020

We've just added new availability for courses, taster experience, family discovery days and Pay & Play for August and September

COVID-19 Update – 3rd August 2020 – COVID SAFE and Summer Update

We have a couple of updates this week that will hopefully make things a little easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Dependence on Technology

Have you ever asked yourself, how dependent you are on technology?

Whether it be our mobile phones, social media or our IT systems we use at work, we have all become hyper-dependent on technology in our lives.

So how do you break from technology to truly reconnect with the world and people in your life?


The Top Ten Reasons Your Team is Under Performing

Team-Building” - It’s one of those terms that elicits a variety of responses, from groans and grumbles to over boisterous excitement. But it’s also something that we are consistently told is necessary to help a team work more efficiently as a group towards a common objective. Here are the Top Ten reasons why teams misfire and fail to realise their true potential and achieve their higher goals.

Young people raise more than £500 and spread happiness

18 young people from the South Gloucestershire area recently took part in the National Citizen Service and gained skills for life. The young people spent four days at South Cerney Outdoor, part of the Prospects Group, taking part in activities they had not tried before such as sailing, stand up paddle boarding and wind surfing. With the help of experienced instructors the young people pushed themselves and stepped out of their comfort zones. In the process they developed friendships and learnt skills like teamwork, communication and leadership.

8 Lesson the SAS can teach you

Leadership and effective team working is at the core of the military, with the risks of failure literally being life and death. And there is no loftier example of excellence in effectiveness in military leadership, teamwork and tenacity to get the job done than our own infamous SAS (Special Air Service).

How increasing risk and encouraging failure is being used positively

Teachers across the country are desperate to inspire their pupils and find creative new ways to engage and educate. But the challenges of increased classroom sizes, prescriptive syllabus and constant testing can create barriers to reaching a diverse range of individuals and learning styles that has a knock on effect to the whole class. So how is it possible to provide individual focus whilst working with a whole group? And how can it be that society’s entrenched desire to avoid ‘risk’ and ‘failure’ can be used to achieve where traditional methods fall short?



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