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*** Please read the following before firing a question at us via email or social media ***


Q. When is The Lodge coffee shop open?

A. Details about The Lodge including opening times can be found here. The Lodge has it's own Facebook and Instagram pages for up to date information.


Q. Do you have any Paddleboards available this weekend?

A. All available Pay & Play activities can be found here. These have proved popular and book up quickly. If you only have the option to select '1' place, then all other places have been booked.


Q. I can only see 2 places available and I need 3, is this possible? (or variations of this).

A. Nope, what is shown available is the total number of spaces remaining. We won’t compromise this, no matter how many cookies you bribe us with.


Q. I would like to book Pay & Play for 8 of us next weekend, but website won’t let me?

A. We limit the number in each induction group to ensure we can ensure quality and everyone's safety. You may have to book onto multiple induction times… They run every 15 minutes.


Q. If I hire a paddleboard can me and my family share it and swap and change during the hour?

A. Nope, the person on the booking is the person that is issued with the equipment and training, is the individual authorised to go on the paddleboard (or kayak, canoe etc)


Q. I can't see any availability for bookings next month. When can I book?

A. We release the next months Pay & Play availability approximately 10 days before the end of the month and usually on the nearest Friday.


Q. We want to hire a kayak on Tuesday evening next week for an 87th birthday party, but can’t see it on your website?

A. What you see, is what we have available. If it’s not showing, we don’t currently offer it.


Q. Will you be doing swimming again this year?

A. No plans to reintroduce swimming. We took it off the programme a few years ago now.


Q. Can I bring my own canoe/paddleboard/inflatable unicorn?

A. We offer the option to launch approved craft for the natural number of occupants with a Launch Membership for pre-approved craft. Details of membership can be found here. Day Launch options are not currently available.


Q. I've booked a time for hiring a kayak, can I come at any time?

A. [Insert 'Face Palm' Emoji here] - No, you've booked a specific time. The specific times exist for a reason. You need to be ready to start at your booked time. If you miss your booked time, we cannot move it and you miss out and don't get a refund.


Q. I made a booking for a canoe, but it says on the receipt I've booked 1 seat?

A. Confusing isn't it. Unfortunately, its terminology that's hard-built into the booking system. Whatever you book, it is for the boat/board and the natural number of occupants... So a canoe is 2-3; a katakanu is up to 6.


Q. I’ve made a booking, but I’ve now heard that 12 droplets of rain are expected. Can I get a refund or move it to a day when the weather is like it is in the Maldives?

A. Errr. No. The only time we cancel is if we believe the weather conditions to be unsafe. We have clear risk assessments of when this is and will contact you and refund if this is the case. We cannot promise perfect weather or predict when it might be.


Q. Your website booking system isn’t working. It won’t let me do what I want to do/get what I want?

A. It nearly all instances it is working as it should and may be an issue with your browser/settings. We have had thousands of people book without issue and the software is used globally by outdoor providers. Try another device or update your operating system.


Q. Can we just come along for a picnic / barbeque / to spectate?

A. No, we are not permitting anyone on site who is not directly participating in the activity. We have limited space on site and we reserve it for paying activity customers only. We're a private site, not a public park.


Q. Can our dog come along and join us on the boat/board?

A. Pooches are more than welcome. We've never had any dogs break equipment; Get abusive to staff when told off for breaking rules; leave litter and debris around the place; or give us a 1* review on Trip Advisor for stopping them swimming in the lake. Please make sure you clean up after them. And be sure to bring them into The Lodge for a Puppuccino afterwards.


Q. Can you tell me if X, Y, or Z is available?

A. Don’t be lazy… check yourself. All availability is shown on the website and activities that we are currently able to offer.


Q. You’re not open on Wednesday evening, but I’ve got my own kit, can I come along and launch it then?

A. No, that’s called trespassing. Please stick to the times available and help us keep the business alive. We do have CCTV... We will find you.. And we will arrange a staff party in your back garden, complete with paddling pool, motocross bikes and drunk teenagers, if you abuse this.


Q. I would like to try paddleboarding… Do you offer lessons?

A. You really don’t need a lesson to get out and try paddleboarding (SUP). We give you all the kit and a briefing of how to use it and its then a case of going out and having a play. If you’re not getting wet, you’re not trying hard enough. If you fancy a deeper dive with an instructor, check out our Paddleboard Taster Sessions.


Q. I’ve just tried to book a course/activity on your website and it’s not letting me?

A. It is likely that the activity you have selected is not currently available. Our programme regularly adjusts based on demands and what we can make available.


Q. I can’t believe you’re not open tomorrow evening. The weather is meant to be great?

A. If we could, we would. We can't easily adapt to the whims of the British weather for the occassional glorious evening. 


Q. How much is it to use the inflatable obstacle course at the park and beach and can I book?

A. I don’t know, best you ask the business that runs it who should be able to help you out. Google 'Cotswold Country Park and Beach'.


Q. I’ve got another question that is likely answered thoroughly on your website or on a recent social media post, but I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to look so will you answer it for me?

A. Please check out the website and FAQ… If after that you still have a question, and nobody else can help, maybe you can hire… The A Team. (or message us again)


Ppre-booked Pay & Play is available at the following times:

Mondays 10:00- 17:00
Tuesdays 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesdays 10:00 - 20:00
Thursdays 10:00- 20:00
Fridays 10:00 - 17:00
Saturdays 10:00 - 17:00
Sundays 10:00 - 17:00


Available times and days shown on booking facility.

Pay & Play Booking Rules and Conditions

  • Prebooked and Pay for activities online.
  • Limited 'turn up and play' available.
  • Missed booking times are not transferrable.
  • Wet suit hire is not available for Pay & Play.
  • No picnics, BBQs, sunbathing on site.

Pay & Play Policy

Our standard pay & play policies apply, unless superseded by specific COVID conditions. Please check to ensure you understand and agree with them before booking to avoid disappointment.

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