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SUP Yoga

Relax into this fabulous exercise combination of SUP & Yoga

The beginner-friendly sport of stand up paddle boarding was born in the 1940s when Waikiki surfers stood on boards and navigated their way through the waves with a long paddle. Standup paddleboard yoga is asana (poses) practiced on 10- to 12-foot-long boards in the beauty of nature out on the water.

Perfect for rexation, toning, balance and so much fun. Everyone that tries it - raves about it.

“Practising yoga on the water means that I have to relinquish the desire for ‘perfect’ poses. I have to slow down, connect more deeply to my breath to my stabilizer muscles. Every movement is purposeful, thought through and carefully executed, unless of course I fancy a dip in the lake! It’s Moving Meditation. SUP Yoga has restored my sense of playfulness in practise. It teaches me to let go of the need to look good in favour of feeling good.”

“SUP Yoga is a fun yet challenging practise. The ever moving flow of the water fires up the nervous system. We have to work harder to stabilize and stay on the board. Taking even simple transitions such as downward dog into lunge can be really tricky as the board tips from side to side! SUP yoga is ideal for those looking to deepen and develop their yoga practise. From beginners to advanced teachers it offers fun, challenge and peace in equal measures”

“But falling in the water is all part of the fun. The freedom to fall, to embrace what we might see as failing in a regular yoga class helps us to let go of our expectations and self-judgement as we connect and accept our body, our practise our efforts.”

“I love seeing the joy on student’s faces as they try something new, as they take their first splash into the water, as they lay blissed out in their final resting pose, savasana, fingers trailing in the water, breathing in time with the moving water around their board!”

Karen Maidment

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and SUP Instructor


Tuesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm or 7:00pm - 8:00pm

All equipment required is provided as part of the class

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Drop in SUP Yoga

All equipment required is provided as part of the class

Drop in places subject to availability

Drop In SUP Yoga£15.00

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