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Team Building Activities

Outdoor team building activities

At our glorious location in the Cotswold Water Park, South Cerney Outdoor offers an exciting range of team building activities. These offer experiences that are both challenging and entertaining, because we are determined that visitors of all ages can have terrific fun on team days out with us.

There are outdoor team building activities on both the sparkling waters of our lake and within the scenic landscape that borders it. Adults and children alike that take part in our team building days out frequently discover skills and talents that they never knew they had. Also they invariably make new friends or become better acquainted and closer to those in a group they came with. 

Each of these team building activities has been designed to enhance confidence by offering opportunities for:

o Challenge
o Leadership
o Trust Building
o Teamwork
o Competition
o Problem Solving

If you take a look at each group activity we organise on our team building days out, you will see that very one features different levels of each of these key aspects, which we show by giving them star ratings.

For example, we give Dragon Boating, five stars for “Competition” and two for both “Challenge” and “Problem Solving.” It is a highly popular team event with both adults and children that take part.

By contrast, for our exciting Tribal Survival outdoor team building activities, we have awarded a five-star rating for “Challenge” with “Problem Solving” coming closely behind on four stars. This makes it ideal for the corporate groups for which it was designed. Naturally, every one of our team building activities has a five-star rating for “Teamwork.”

Challenging, fascinating and above all great fun, team days out at our wonderful lakeside location in the beautiful Cotswold countryside   offer unforgettable experiences and build on the confidence and people skills of those that participate.

At South Cerney Outdoor, team building activities are organised and overseen by highly qualified instructors that are totally committed to our vision of “Creating outdoor experiences that inspire stories of personal challenge, growth and adventure. To allow access to the outdoor experience by the whole community for the purpose of challenge, fun and adventure.”

The activities on team building days out at South Cerney Outdoor are designed to ensure the total safety of all our visitors while maximising the enjoyment of young and old alike. Contact us at any time to find out more about our inspirational outdoor experiences.

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