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Go Glamping at South Cerney

Glamping near London is available at South Cerney


If you long for the open air life and dining under starlit skies but find the lack of home comforts offered by traditional camping sites a daunting prospect, then you might like to go glamping instead. For the most delightful experiences in glamping, the Cotswolds offer exceptional scenic beauty and pastoral tranquillity, and we believe that South Cerney Outdoor, located in the beautiful Cotswold Water Park, is the very best place to enjoy them.

Being situated in Gloucestershire makes South Cerney a very convenient as well as an extremely attractive and well-resourced site for glamping near London and indeed for other major urban centres such as Birmingham and Bristol.  If you’re a bit tired and stressed by the hustle and bustle of city life, then it could be a great time to get away from it all and go glamping by our beautiful lake at South Cerney. 

So… glamping, Cotswolds, lakeside setting … so far so good, but what’s all this about a Sioux tipi? Yes, that’s correct, but while our tipis are authentic in style, the interiors offer the very highest standards of comfort. Our luxury glamping breaks are just what we say they are – luxurious.

Also, when you go glamping at South Cerney, you will find you are surrounded by choice. There are many terrific activities to take part in on land and water, but it is also an ideal place to relax. This can be a real asset for families or groups of adults and children. If the younger ones wish to be energetic and adventurous while the older members wish to slow down a pace, they can be sure that their children will be in the safe hands of our highly qualified and friendly instructors.

When describing the pleasures of glamping in the Cotswolds. It would be remiss not to mention the charming historic towns and villages close to our location at the Cotswold Water Park. Cottages, churches, pubs, cafes and independent shops feature the characteristic warmth of the famous Cotswold stone, and the countryside offers beautiful hills, fields and woodland in which to walk, picnic or drive through. South Cerney offers an excellent base for exploration of the glorious Cotswold region.

If you go glamping with us, as individuals, couples, families and other groups, you will find a wealth of things to do and discover. Please get in touch for further information. 



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