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Summer Holidays

Summer holiday ideas in the Cotswolds

With the school summer holidays approaching fast, we know that six weeks is a long time to keep anyone entertained, let alone your toughest critics. Finding something that your children will enjoy, whilst also getting them out in the fresh air can be a challenge – however making sure they are not watching mindless television is an important part of their development as they grow into young adults.

Keeping young minds active, engaged and interested is a vital part of development, along with the growing need for outdoor activities amongst children and young adults. With this in mind, finding things to do in the summer holidays such as summer activities for kids, could be easier than you think.

At South Cerney we are fully invested in creating fun packed days for your child, and have a variety of activities to keep your child entertained and engaged throughout the summer holidays.

Our Holiday Discovery Club aims to do all of this, and offers a week of fun activities and adventure from 9.45am to 5pm every Monday to Friday. We have a set programme of our activities on offer for these five days of the week, allowing your child to enjoy the outdoors, while you enjoy some peace and quiet. Our Holiday Discovery Club allows your children to enjoy a range of activities that can improve their team work, leadership, communication skills and more.

Summer HolidaysStart the week off with our Kayaking, Archery and Survival games. These are particularly popular with young people between the ages of 8-13, with our Survival game being a firm favourite. This challenge allows groups to “rebuild their village”, using navigation skills, and teamwork to build shelters, cook provisions and get themselves to safety! Each team is awarded points for every section of the challenge, which is known for its ability to improve problem solving, leadership and group work.

Tuesdays are reserved for our Canoeing, Orienteering and Bushcraft skills. These activities offer a fantastic way to focus on the teamwork needed to complete such challenges, improving communication skills and building trust amongst each other.

South Cerney has plenty of summer holiday ideas in the Cotswolds to keep your children active this summer, with our Wednesday activities focusing on the open water. Our sailing, mega stand-up paddle boarding classes and Survival School definitely gives those attending a sense of adventure!

Thursdays offer a fusion of water sports and Bushcraft skills, with our stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing allowing those who take part to work independently and as a group in order to improve their balance, coordination and hone their skills with our series of challenges.

Friday offers those who have been partaking in these challenges throughout the week a chance to get together and really work as a team to achieve a common goal. Our catapult building, raft building and mini-Olympics is the perfect way to put what they’ve learnt throughout the week into practice.

If you’re looking for summer holiday activities in the Cotswolds and its surrounding areas, South Cerney has plenty of summer holiday ideas to keep your children entertained and enjoying the outdoors. With our range or fun outdoor challenges and sports, we make sure you’re spoilt for choice with things to do in the summer holidays this year. If you’re looking for summer holiday ideas in the Cotswolds this summer, or are simply looking for more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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