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Summer Clubs for Kids

Summer clubs for kids in the Cotswolds

Summer Clubs for KidsIt’s that time of year again with the summer holidays in full swing. This can be great for the children, who get to spend these long summer days exerting their energy on unsuspecting family members, however for the parents it can be an exhausting few weeks.

Taking the time this summer to develop your child’s key set of skills with summer clubs can be an exceptional way for your child to make new friends and learn new capabilities. At South Cerney, our Discovery Club is created with your child in mind, as we build a series of challenges around key areas of development.

With this in mind, finding leisure activities in the Swindon, Cirencester and Gloucestershire area is easier than you might think; and with a range of outdoor activities on offer, South Cerney provide a variety of land based, and water based excursions.

We’ve put together some core activities in our summer Discovery Club that can greatly enhance your child’s key skills. It offers five days of activities based around different skill sets, and can be bought as a package, or as single days. Through the carefully created series of challenges and team work, our summer club can be a great way for your child to meet new people and enjoy the outdoors.

Leadership Improvement

We offer a range of leadership improvement activities, for those who already show great aptitude for this as well as those who might need more support. Our courses can be a great way to improve your child’s confidence in a safe and exciting setting.

Our Team Challenges course has a high focus around leadership, building confidence and enhancing communications. Our highly qualified instructors will brief the team before each challenge with all the relevant information they need to complete the task at hand. It is then up to the team to find the best solution, which is always carried out safely and under the supervision of the instructor.

It can be a great way to encourage ideas, concepts and leadership amongst the team members, helping them work together to achieve a common goal.

Team Work

It will come as no surprise to many that knowing how to work as a team is an important and transferable skill that can be put to almost any day to day situation. From work environments to sporting events, knowing how to interact and communicate amongst each other is vital. Our Orienteering Challenge within our Discovery Club offers the perfect environment to get involved and work together.

It encourages those taking part to learn the basic skills of navigation in order to overcome certain challenges within our orienteering mission. Each team must use the navigation skills between them in order to complete each section! This challenge is a fantastic way to improve communication skills, team building and problem solving while making friends along the way.

Problem Solving

Both activities we have covered so far also offer great ways to encourage your child to develop their problem solving abilities. However there are other, less intense, ventures that can give your child the chance to develop these skills. Our Discovery Club includes a variety of water sports such as canoeing, which focuses on communication, team work and can also improve cognitive thought processing.

Our canoes are built for two people, which encourages communication and can help with co-ordination between the two paddlers. Our canoeing experience allows individuals to work in pairs to “journey” around the lake together, using their problem solving skills to manoeuvre the boat and reach their final destination. It can help with communication, confidence and co-ordination, whilst also being a lot of fun!

At South Cerney, our Discovery Club is built around your child’s development because we understand that getting them to enjoy the outdoors and develop these skills is important. If you’d like to find out more, or take a look at some of our other courses available, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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