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Outdoor trips for children in Cirencester

Outdoor trips for children in Cirencester

Outdoor trips for children in CirencesterCirencester is often referred to as the capital of the Cotswolds and provides children with a wide range of outdoor trips to enjoy during the summer holidays. The natural landscape provides a perfect opportunity for kids to get outside when the weather allows and explore their surroundings.

Cirencester is ideally located within the Cotswolds to enjoy days out at the Cotswold Water Park. A short 10 minute drive away, the park has over 180 different sized lakes offering activities such as water sports, while other attractions in the area include learning wilderness skills, walking and dining.

These outdoor trips for children in Cirencester and nearby locations such as Swindon provide a great opportunity for families to enjoy a day out during the holidays. As well as this there are week-long courses which children can experience.

Here at South Cerney Outdoor we are located on one of the oldest and deepest lakes in the Cotswold Water Park and our holiday discovery club involves a week full of fun activities and adventure. It is our aim to keep the kids occupied, engaged and entertained.

The club runs Monday to Friday and is for children aged 8-13. You can sign your child up for the whole week, or select individual days. Find out more about the daily activities involved here.

Furthermore we offer a whole host of other fun family activities which can be enjoyed by everyone. All our family orientated activities are designed to create long lasting fun memories.

If you are located in Cirencester or a nearby location and are looking for outdoor trips for children during the holidays, then please contact us now.

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