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Summer Clubs for Kids

Water Sports in the Cotswolds

PaddlingThe summer holidays offer the perfect opportunity for your child to get outside on the open water and find excitement in a new, or existing, hobby. At South Cerney we offer a range of water based activities in the Swindon, Cirencester and Gloucestershire area, to enjoy as a group, or individually. Our vast selection of junior water sports courses are available for all levels of experience, whether this is your first time, or you’re well versed in a certain area.

For children in particular, the summer holidays can mean hours of boredom, with many watching television or playing computer games throughout the day. We understand that relaxing is an important part of these holidays, however we also know how important it is to enjoy the outdoors as a child and take this time to build new skill sets whilst meeting new people.

The beautiful landscapes of the Cotswolds are perfectly located near some of Britain’s sizeable cities, such as Bath and Gloucester. As well as this, it is only a few hours’ drive to get to this idyllic setting from the central hub of London. Particularly over the summer holidays, taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life is important, and with the Cotswolds offering some of Britain’s most breathtaking scenery, it makes sense to take the trip!

With the Cotswolds Water Park on our doorstep, it allows our water sports courses to be held in these tranquil settings. We’ve included just some of our junior water sports courses that your child could enjoy this summer.

Paddling Courses

At South Cerney, we offer a range of junior paddling courses for those within the ages of 8-14. Whether you are just starting out, or you have a few years’ experience, we have a range of courses to suit your needs.

Our Paddlepower Passport takes two days, from 10am to 4.30pm and is a basic skills course in paddling that will show you how to paddle forwards, backwards and sideways. It can eventually lead to the British Canoeing Paddlepower Passport award, and includes key skills such as stopping and recovery.

If you have completed the basic levels of paddling, our Paddlepower Discover Part 1 course takes these basic skills further. This course will teach you how to develop paddle strokes and recovery skills, and can lead to the British Canoeing Paddlepower Discover modules 6-7.

Finally, our Paddlepower Discover Part 2 allows us to build on your foundation of knowledge even further, and is a good course for transitioning onto moving water and rapids. In order to complete this, you must have a Paddlepower Discover modules 6-7 as this can lead to gaining modules 8-9.

Windsurfing Courses

Our windsurfing courses are another set of water based activities you can complete at South Cereny. Initially learning how to stand and steer, you will then start to develop the skills needed to sail and steer across the open water. South Cerney offers 3 stages to this. Our stage 1 RYA windsurfing is available for young beginners, who wish to learn the basics of windsurfing steering, reaching and appropriate rescue techniques. This course is two days long, and once completed, can lead to a RYA stage 1 award.

Stage 2 of our RYA Windsurfing course is where we teach you to sail upwind, and turn more effectively in different conditions. It is mainly used to improve your technique and can lead to a RYA stage 2 award.

Our final windsurfing course is our three day long RYA Windsurfing Stage 3. This course will coach you in the skills you must have to be able to deal with stronger winds. It will teach you how to go faster, while learning about harnesses and foot straps. Having a RYA Stage 2 is required to take this course, as this course can lead to a RYA stage 3 award.

Taking up a junior water sports course over summer could be a great way to start a new hobby and meet new people. If you’d like more information about the courses available or would simply like to talk through your options don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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