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Team Engagement

This unique programme aims to harness the unique points of view of your team and engage everyone in the experience

We’ve all experienced teams with autocratic, dictatorial managers or leaders who see only their way as ‘the way’ and they don’t feel pleasant to work under. Well the same rings true if you do not give opportunity for all personalities in your team to contribute their ideas, concerns and unique insights on a project.

A step on from not listening is where influential individuals only see one way of achieving an outcome and no other ideas will do. Suppressing a teams creativity and not allowing them the freedom to play and experiment with their ideas is a sure-fire way to inhibit growth and the potential of what your team is capable of and lower morale. Allowing room for creative ideas is the only way to have long term success at innovating and ultimately beating the competition.

Through a combination of activities that engage different learning styles and require the group to engage all ways of thinking and skill sets within the team, every individual is encouraged to openly and honestly express themselves or feel heard

When the pressure is on, and the deadline is looming, the first thing that goes is the smiles. No matter how fun your colleagues and banter are, it goes out the window when the chips are down. But it is also critical in maintaining an upbeat atmosphere and buoyant spirit in the face of challenge and adversity. When your team is pushed beyond its comfort zone, stress levels are elevated and tempers start to fray, is the time you need strategies in place to ensure you maintain a positive and fun working environment.

We simulate these work experiences with our 'Team Engagement' programme that aims to get everyone engaged, pulling in the same direction and able to take away the learnings back to the workplace.

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