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Leader Development

"Does a team need a leader?"...

It's a question posed on a regular basis at management interviews up and down the country and one which we get a unique insight into through the groups and activities we coordinate and host.

One of our observations into why teams fail or come second is down to a lack of clear leadership, vision and direction for the group and task at hand.

A high performing team needs strong leadership, vision and direction. If individuals are not shown an inspiring idea of where they are headed and what their individual contribution makes to the whole, they become disillusioned, directionless and frustrated.

This is true of the simplest tasks and challenges to the long term epic challenges that you might be facing.

At some point we've all been part of, or exposed to the 'us and them’ grumblings that many teams experience. Where leadership is seen as a separate entity not to be trusted and kept at a distance. The best teams foster deep trust, openness and honesty and make sure they have a culture that insists on these qualities at the heart of what they do and how they operate. And this starts with strong leadership qualities.

Our Leader Development programme aims to harness individuals natural leadership styles and help them develop in areas that are critical weaknesses in order to bring the best out of their team.

Learn how to link your project to a higher cause, engage different communication styles and ways of thinking, and draw out all ideas before establishing the best path to take.

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