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Archery at South Cerney Outdoor

Have you ever seen archery on TV of Film or at demonstrations and fancied having a go and learning this ancient art?

Archery is suited to any age from age 8+ and for all abilities and is recognised as possibly the most family sociable and inclusive of all sports/hobbies. Archery is a sport that the whole family all enjoy together, or that you can practice with like minded friends, or simply alone with your own thoughts.

When you are introduced to the correct equipment for you, the young can compete against the old, the super fit against the ailing, the strong against the weak -- and anyone can win -- no-one is disadvantaged! 

Six Week introduction to archery

Saturdays 10:00am - 12:00pm

Whether you are looking for a new hobby to try out, want to discover the techniques and history of the sport or want to get serious about competition archery, our six week Introduction to Archery course will get you started on the right path in a safe and fun environment.

Your instructors will introduce you to archery styles and disciplines that you have probably not yet heard about. There are many fun and exciting archery experiences for you to try - target archery with over thirty game variations, field archery in tranquil and picturesque woodland and forest, roving and clout shooting, artillery shooting and even horse archery.

First though, you need to learn and master the basics, with instruction from qualified archers and with free access to our extensive training equipment. You will then be guided to develop those initial skills in a structured and managed way to "release your inner Robin Hood", and experience the real pleasures that archery can give back to you.

That is exactly what our new short courses are designed to provide - expert, structured guidance along your initial archery journey, identifying your strengths, overcoming your weaknesses, preventing/correcting bad habits (bad form).

All equipment provided as required.

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