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Sailing can give you a sense of freedom moving in the wind and still being in control of the outcome.

We have a range of boats you can work on depending on your ability and weather conditions...

If you are learning to sail – we will start you on our funboats they are very stable, excellent for families and small children, this will give you the confidence that you need to progress on to smaller single-handed dinghies such as Pico's and Q'BA which are ideal for our courses and the more experienced sailor. With these boats you will sail as an individual or pair learning all there is to know about wind, stability, balance and how to recover a capsized boat.

Sailing is good for the individual challenge, or as a small team the sense of trying to either be as close to the wind as possible or sailing across the wind as fast as possible, while trying to keep the boat balanced and smooth through the water, this hopefully will give a sense accomplishment.

When you are working on the funboats and double handers you will have to communicate with your partner, and work together to ensure you stay afloat, read the wind conditions and encourage each other to improve each tack or gybe to make as efficient as you can.

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Problem Solving


  • Suitable For: Children & Adults

  • Approx Duration: 2 Hours

  • Team Size: 10

  • Max Group Size: 40

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