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  • Go glamping at South Cerney Outdoor

discover an exclusive weekend away this summer. a unique experience for families, friends, and glamping for couples in the Cotswolds...



When you go glamping at South Cerney Outdoor you arrive in the early evening to a warm and friendly welcome where you are shown to your very own Sioux Indian tipi and introduced to the facilities.

A glorious location for holidays with family and friends, or for glamping for couples in the Cotswolds, your tipi sits on an area of open grass, nestled between the rustling waters of the River Churn and the banks of a 47 acre lake of crystal clear water at the heart of the Cotswold Waterpark...

When you first catch sight of your tipi from a distance, you struggle to stifle a child-like giggle as your face lights up in anticipation...

Glamping for couples in the Cotswolds at South Cerney Outdoor



The best Tipi Experience



As you open the coloured canvas door you are greeted by a scene of comfort and cosiness you hadn't imagined possible from outdoor living...

On your first step inside, things take on a whole new dimension and you breathe the standard exclamation of...’Wooow!’, as you marvel at the size and space. This countryside retreat is why we believe we offer the best family glamping in the Costwolds.

Everything you need to go glamping has been included for weekend breaks Cotswolds, from the double futons to the sheepskin rugs and intimate lighting, you realise this is going to be an adventure that few people take the time to experience in their lifetime...

As your evening meal comes to an end, you take a step outside to truly appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings. Do you cosy up in front of an open campfire or take a stroll along the banks of the lake as the soft sounds of the water lapping at the shore help melt away the challenges of the week you’ve left behind? If you are with your nearest and dearest and have opted for this glamping for couples in the Cotswolds experience, you could have not chosen a more romantic setting...

As you are gently awakened the next morning by the waterpark dawn chorus, do you choose to enjoy a relaxed breakfast in your tipi? Or maybe you’d prefer to visit one of the great local eateries? Adults and children alike will enjoy the delicious menus, providing further reasons for why our location can offer the best family glamping breaks in the Cotswolds.

Canoeing at South Cerney Outdoor



Enjoy a peaceful sunset at South Cerney Outdoor



The next morning, you are met by your instructor who gets you started on what turns out to be a magical open-canoe experience around the lake. Taking the time to ease into the day, enjoy the wildlife and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

So what would you like to do with the rest of your weekend? Will you enjoy the great sailing, paddleboarding or kayaking included in your experience at South Cerney Outdoor?... Or maybe you’d prefer to explore what else the Cotswold Water Park has to offer...

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Best family glamping in the Cotwsolds


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Based in the Cotswold Water Park between Cirencester and Swindon, South Cerney Outdoor creates outdoor experiences that inspire stories of challenge, growth and adventure for individuals, couples, families and groups.

South Cerney Outdoor offers excellent facilities and resources by a 47-acre lake of crystal clear water and the River Churn. The area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and one of significant beauty.

We believe that life should be an epic adventure, An adventure where we challenge ourselves each day to experience new things and stretch ourselves as individuals both physically and mentally,

A complete adventure experience

  • Friday Evening Arrivals
  • Two Night Stay in a 21ft Tipi
  • Romantic Stays or Family Getaways
  • 3 Comfy Double Futons
  • Sleeps up to 6 People
  • Bedding Provided or Bring Your Own
  • Sheepskin Rugs & Cosy Blankets
  • All Cooking Equipment
  • BBQs and Charcoal
  • Inclusive Boat Hire (worth up to £600)
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