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The Management Team

Matt's the Commercial Manager at SCO and in overall charge of how the centre develops and operates.

When he's not in the office, he's a keen snowboarder, cyclist and martial artist who's passionate about introducing new individuals and groups to the benefits of outdoor adventure.

Mick's the Duty Manager responsible for our Corporate, Tipi and Party products.

If you don't tie him down, he'll be out windsurfing and mountain biking and has over 19 years experience in the outdoor and water sports industry as a sailing, paddling, windsurfing and SUP instructor.

Simon is the Duty Manager responsible for all our school and youth group bookings.

He's an outdoor professional and qualified teacher with over 34 years experience who is passionate about the benefits that outdoor education can bring to the development of children and young adults. Out of work he's a family man who loves to sail or get out and SUP down the river.


The Senior Instructor Team

Sharon's our Office Manager (and Work Mum) in charge of reception and all the finances of the business.

When's she's not stuck in the office looking at figures on a PC screen, she loves a SUP on the lake and is a top-class shotgun instructor

Michelle is our Programme Coordinator and responsible for making sure all our bookings are booked in, staffed and resourced as necessary.

Michelle has been with us throughout the summer as a full time receptionist and has recently taken on this new role..

Hassan is our National Citizen Service Programme Manager in charge of delivering this great programme across South Gloucestershire and beyond.

The newest member of the team, joining us in November 2015, he gets to introduce 100's of young adults each year to the benefits of Outdoor Adventure and contributing back to their local communities.

Sam is the organised and creative one of the team. With 12 years experience and coaching at all levels and activities, sailing and powerboating being her passion.

When not teaching or coming up with outrageous events ideas, she's at home playing and creating with her young son instead.

Mike's the "quiet" one of the team. A Senior Instructor in sailing and a passionate paddler with over 12 years experience coaching at every level.

He's a sailor, paddler, windsurfer, SUPer and Archery Instructor who loves a bit of carp fishing when he's not spending his time with his young son.

Jon is the thrill seeking, adventure hungry member of the team, with 8 years of experience in the industry. Jon is qualified in Paddling, Sailing, Windsurfing, Snorkeling and all of our land based activities.

If you miss Jon on the river, you will find him honing his downhill mountain bike skills.

Tom is our site perfectionist, like all of us passion runs through his veins, he has 12 years experience as a Sailing and Windsurf Instructor and is also qualified in paddling and all of our land based activities.

When Tom's not creating waves from his windsurf board, he will be creating music with the second love of his life.. the guitar.

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